miska (knapek)

Information design proposal :
National Danish Open Data Portal

Miska's role :
information and visual design, interactive prototype development

technologies :
Illustrator, html/javascript, responsive design

Project description (quick) :
Design proposal for the national Danish open data portal, including mobile design.
The proposal didn't win favour, but was later adopted for the (real!) national Swedish open data portal, for a while.

Compared to other open data portal designs, the key improvement of this design is that it facilitates a quick and clear search of datasets, and importantly, allows the user to drill down in details without losing orientation or time.

Without leaving the search results page, each brief search result entry can be expanded until all details are available. Other open data portals has the viewer opening one new webpage to read a further information, and then yet further webpages for each data sources (eg. file / API urls).

By clicking the 'expand' buttons at the bottom of each search entry, further details are revealed, without a page reload. The same is true for data about the detailed file/API url information, which otherwise requires opening yet further webpages.
Search results view.
Top and bottom results are compacted by default.
The second result has been expanded to show further details.
Moreover, the seoncd data resource entry, of the second search result, has also been expanded to show futher details.
The expanding and compacting of search results allows for easier and quicker perusal of search results, than needing to browse to yet further pages for more details.
Organisation's open dataset listing.
Lists open data sets of a particular organisation.
Left column features organisational information.
Feature explanations.