miska (knapek)
Parallel sloped small multiples

Visualisation tool with trend lines as well as full resolution lines visible
Miska's role :
design, code, and data cleaning.

Project description :
This is an experiment in interfacing and visualising small multiples in a more space efficient and overviewable way. It does so by overlaying multiple small multiple lines and their trend lines, allowing viewers to switch between showing the minimal trend line representation of a small multiple, or to show it in full detail.

So, two matters are at play:

the visualisation technique allows one to see small multiples in a larger size by overlaying them and selectively showing particular ones deemed relevant. This is (hopefully) an advantage to the small size of individual small multiples graphs inherent small size, as well as to the problem of visually comparing unaligned graphs.
Initially the graph shows only the trend lines of particular cities’ data. Hovering over a city allows one to see more detailed data. Clicking on an item allows one to maintain the more detailed line of a city, and visually compare it with another detailed line.

the visualisation also features an interfacing method allowing one to quickly de/select multiple data regions, a bit like a selection region in photoshop.
By clicking on the “relative” mode in the mouse selection mode selector on the top right hand corner, one can select lines within a region by using the up/down location of the mouse on the graph to set the center of the selection region, and the distance from the middle of the chart to set the selection region size.
Once can thus quickly investigate the trends of different regions, by mousing over them, and quickly select or deselect different lines.