miska (knapek)

energy visualisation building projection

Energy visualisation projected onto building (Helsinki - post produced, due to bad light conditions on the actual project day. The software works well and in realtime otherwise).

Miska's role :
design, code, and data cleaning.

Project description :
This is energy consumption visualisation software for building projections, showing energy consumption rates. the software allows energy particles, released according to local energy consumption rates, to interact with the building surface they're projected on. (Do please note that a screencapture of the software running was applied to the building in post).

This was projected onto a central Helsinki building during the recent Earth Hour, thanks to Helsingin Energia and pixelAche.

Electricity / heat
The left side of the screen shows electrical energy use, and the right side district heating energy use. (yes, electricity use is actually less than district heat use, in winter).

Forcefields and window avoidance
The software tries to present the pace of energy consumption, while also trying to be 'building centric'. it's possible to set up forcefields such that the upwards floating particles avoid the building's windows, and other non-reflective surfaces.

Particle === set energy quantity
Each particle represents 14 kWh of energy, and particles appear at the bottom of the screen, when this energy quantity has been consumed. the particles gather into groups of 20, and spend about 15 seconds onscreen. This way one can get visual glance of how much energy is consumed every 15 seconds.

Above/below normal energy use: red/green particles
The red/green particles seen on the left/right screen halves show above/below normal energy use. a green particles indicate the amount of energy use below normal, and the red ones - as seen amongst the heat particles - indicate the quantity of energy consumption above the normal rate for the given time.

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Video of energy visualisation software running, showing the setup of the forcefields used to keep particles away from windows.

Below are some screnshots of the projection, as well as the projection interface.

windcuts model closeup - weather front

windcuts model closeup - weather front

windcuts model closeup - weather front

windcuts model closeup - weather front