miska (knapek)
I’m your local #information_design #interaction_design #information_visualisation designer.
In both traditional and experimental ways, I try make interfaces to help us understand, navigate and learn from the world.
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OGP explorer
Audit data inspection tool for Open Government Partnership's Independent Review Mechnism work
parallel trendlines
experiments in more efficient small multiples displays
self organising map ( machine learning ) interface for multidimensional clustering
open data barometer
visualisation for the World Wide Web Foundation's Open Data Barometer open data ecosystem tracking
windtracing 2d
experimental wind movement visualisation technique
windtracing 2d/long
long trace of wind moements
windtracing first person
first person view of wind movements
sunlight tracing
expeirmental sunlight tracing visualisation
Helen experimental energy visualisations
experiments in visualising energy data, with an emotional touch
Helen light projections
experimental building visualisation projection about energy consumption
text renderings
experiments in form+content visualisations
experimetnal media site - knapek.org
the other side of my doings - more experiemntal media design/art